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Automation software with more power for the power user

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Partial Feature list :

Run, time and terminate any number of programsLaunch and time programs

Redundant scheduling Redundant scheduling

Flexible notification options Flexible notification options

Automated internet options Integrated internet options

Create macro shortcuts on your desktop Desktop Macro shortcuts

Automatic Backup with zip compression Internal automated backups

Date Exclusion Per event date exclusion

Win2000/NT/XP service integration Native NT/2K/XP service

How can you backup, upload, download, defrag, debug and maybe even drop a few other cumbersome (and more expensive) software packages at once?

Designed from the ground up for Win 2000 and XP, Event Manager Pro takes the process automation of our popular Event Manager automation software and extends it by adding nearly every feature requested by power users and administrators.   In addition to launching and automating any program on your system at any time, Event Manager Pro features internal automated backups with zip compression (can function as a complete automated backup software replacement), internet upload, download and email functions, email or uploaded event notification, instant desktop macros and much more.

This isn't just a full featured nt task scheduler replacement. Event Manager Pro works as a task scheduler, backup utility, automated upload/download utility, macro desktop shortcut creator and just about anything else you might want to do with it. For the casual user with many repetitive tasks, server administrators who need total control, or anyone looking for a full featured task scheduler replacement, this is quite a powerful tool for unattended automation of your systems.

Download it and try it out today.