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[Where's the onscreen help?]   [Terminal Services]   [Desktop Macros]

If none of these answer your question, please Contact Tech Support.

What happened to the onscreen help?

To keep our documentation consistent, we removed the internal help messages and replaced them with "what's this" help pulled out of the eventman.hlp help file.   Click the "?" icon at the top of most screens or press F1 with the mouse over almost any item and you'll see context sensitive pop-up help.   For more help, view the help file contents directly by choosing "help -> contents" from the main screen menu.

Will it work with Terminal Services?

Yes. Older versions of Event Manager Pro were not designed for multiple instances, so data saved during a Terminal Services session would be overwritten by the local copy and running a remote copy could also shut down a local copy of Event Runner.   Version 3.05 corrected this by adding detection and support for remote Terminal services sessions and automatic data refresh.

If you use Terminal Services, you should definitely
download the current version

The /autorun and /autoexit command line options seem to be a great way to create "macro icons". How do I implement this?

Actually, it's extremely simple now and you don't even have to manually edit any command lines.   As of version 3.06, Event Manager Pro allows you to create desktop shortcuts to your events from the main screen context menu.   Just right click on your event in the event list and choose "Make Shortcut" from the menu!