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What We Are

SRO is a small, privately held multimedia software company founded by a single over-caffienated, under-nourished, glazed-eyed programmer we now keep safely locked in the basement (we do occasionally toss pizza and beverages between the bars).

Our first goal is to design software that does its job well, is easy to use (no engineer designed interfaces!), and doesn't cost much money.    Secondly, we desire to have support that stands out in the software industry.   Unlike some companies, we don't take days (or weeks) to answer email.

We give equal concern to our shareware customers as we do to our corporate customers, and it shows!
After all, we only WRITE the programs. . . YOU design them.

Where We Are

SRO is located in the Southern California mountains, exactly 1 mile above sea level.    We are fortunate to be in one of the few places in Southern California that actually experiences SEASONS.
Mailing Address:   PO Box 5028, Blue Jay, CA 92317
Email Address:

What We Do

Deal with everyone fairly and honestly
Always work to our highest degree of ability
Work for YOU the customer, never for money