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  SRO Web Ordering uses only Secure Server Transactions  
Is ordering from you website safe?

To protect your information, when you click on an order link at this site, you will be sent to a secure server.   This means each of our order pages utilizes encryption between your browser and the server to make it difficult for any data to be intercepted.   In addition, each of our vendors has been "signed" by an authentication service which validates the site's security.   Any vendor displaying an image like the one on the right claims to have authenticated security.

VeriSign Authenticated Secure Electronic Transactions
That's nice, but how do I really know?

The secure state is indicated by a LOCK icon in your browser like one of the following.

IE Secure Example   Internet Explorer 6

Firefox Secure Example   Firefox 1.0.7

Depending on how your browser is configured, a security dialog may also appear when you load the page.   With either browser, you can click on the lock to view a site's "security certificate".   If you don't see a LOCK icon, or can't view a site's security certificate, DON'T order on the web, as either your browser or the site may be unable to secure the transaction.   Order over the phone or by mail instead.

FYI: SRO Software has been selling products on-line for over six years and we have yet to encounter a single security problem.   Our experience (and statistics) show on-line ordering to be as safe (if not safer) than ordering over the phone.   Even so, you should never exceed your own comfort level when dealing with credit card security, which is why in addition to on-line ordering, we also provide mail and toll free phone ordering options.