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If none of these answer your question, please Contact Tech Support.

I downloaded and installed Event Manager, but when I try to run it I get a message saying "File Not Found", or "Unexpected Error". What do I do?

The likely cause of this problem is the inability of our installer to upgrade system DLL files in use by your system.   Event Manager was created using the latest Microsoft DLLs for Win95, Win98 and NT compatibility.   These files MUST exist or be updated on your system for the program to run.   You should be able to solve the problem by closing ALL running programs before installing Event Manager.

Note: If for some reason you are still unable to run Event Manager after completing the above, look in your "Windows\System" directory for the following files: "VB40032.DLL", "MFC40.DLL" and "MSVCRT20.DLL".   If you are missing any of these files, copies are available for download on the
"download" page.

I have noticed that when Eventman is running my CPU utilization is up around 90-95%. Is this normal?

Event Manager has a timer which checks for scheduled events several times a second which means EventMan is always using CPU cycles.   You can change the way the timer works in the "Timer Options" dialog [Main Menu->Options->Timer].   Set "Yield time to" to "All running programs" and you'll no longer get this behaviour.

I registered Event Manager vs 1.2 in 1995. How do I update my registered version?

E-mail us with your request and we'll be happy to get you an update (via mail or web download).   Minor version updates (i.e. 1.51 to 1.53) are always free.   Major version updates may be subject to the price difference (if any).   Disk copies will be provided for our standard shipping cost of $2 US and $4 international.   Web downloads are free.

Do you have "sample" event data files with examples of ways to use Event Manager to automate my programs?

We'd like to do this, but it is rather difficult.   Since the programs and paths on any system vary considerably, it is impossible to create an event on one machine that will work on even a small number of other machines.   Even something simple (like automating "Notepad.exe" to write the time/date to a text file) can be complicated if you use a "notepad replacement" with different menu commands than the original.   NOTE: We are starting to compile a list of "favorite tips" which will outline things Event Manager users have requested or suggested.   Look for it soon on this site.

Event Manager will launch my Win95 email/browser program, but it won't press the "connect" button to dial the connection. What do I do?

Event Manager will only send keystrokes to the program it launched.   In this case, the program you launched is telling another program (the dialer) to make the connection, so sending the [enter] keystroke won't do you any good.

The easiest solution is to download Microsoft's
Dial-Up Networking 1.3.   This adds many features (like "autoconnect") to Dialup Networking.  

In case you're wondering, you can launch your dialup networking connection directly from Event Manager.   They (Microsoft) don't make this info easy to find, but here's what to do....

   1) Set an EVENT to run the program "Rundll32.exe" (in Win95 dir)
   2) Use the command line "rnaui.dll,RnaDial connection name"
   ("connection name" is the connection's title in the dial up networking folder)

   Ex: "rnaui.dll,RnaDial Worldnet"

   * Now you can use Event keystrokes to enter your password and/or hit the "connect" button.