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[Problems under NT4]   [Active saver set to NONE]   [Upgrades]   [Speed problems]   [Files not found]   [User access to images]  

If none of these answer your question, please Contact Tech Support.

When running screensavers under NT4, I see a dialog saying files already exist.  Why does this happen?

This is actually a combination of two problems, one with video drivers under NT4 and the other with the screensaver itself. Some older video drivers under NT4 can cause the screensaver to run out of memory and terminate, causing the screensaver to be unable to clean up it's temporary files. We have updated Creator as of 12/20/99 to fix the "file exists" warning, but this will not solve the memory error. If you see this problem, you should update your video drivers to the latest version and make sure you have the latest WinNT4 service pack installed.

When I install a Creator screensaver under Windows 95/98, after it has run once, it appears to automatically reset the screensaver selection (in Display Properties) to None!   Why is this happening?

We're still not sure why, but several users reported this problem so we removed the code Creator's players used to tell Windows the screensaver is running, and this seems to have solved the problem.   This was only used because these programs are often launched as an "exe" rather than a screensaver and we didn't want the default screensaver kicking in while users previewed shows.   For 99% of users, the removal of this code will not cause any inconvenience.

How do I get updates?

Registered users may download updates to PowerShow and Creator using the link, username and password we sent when you ordered the program.

Screensavers I build run great on my 450mhz II, but effects and flying text are too slow on my P90. Is there any way to fix this?.

Yes. A previous update (09/23/98) addresses this.   Powershow now saves a "speed factor" along with your show which indicates the speed of effects on YOUR system.   The players built by Creator now adjust delay times based on the difference between the speed factors on the end-user's system and yours.

Please note that this will only work if you have set delay times in your effects and flying text greater than 0.   It also only works up to a point because the delay amount cannot be set any lower than "0". This means a significantly slower system will run effects too slow to be adjusted.

Registered users may download a new copy using the link, username and password we sent when you ordered the program.

I built a screensaver, and the player doesn't see my files ("required files not found"). They were installed with the show, what is happening?

There are two possible reasons for this problem.

1) In a prior version of Creator, the player modules weren't finding files in shows containing multiple "res" files (small shows were ok). This is FIXED, and registered users SHOULD download a new copy using the link, username and password we sent when you ordered the program.

2) Creator builds 16-bit compatible screensavers which can be run under Win3.x.   You should NOT use LONG FILENAMES in the files or directory names used by your screensaver.   While this won't always cause problems, it's a good idea to rename all your images with short (8.3) filenames before building a show with Creator.

I'm building a show and I don't want the end user to have access to the sounds or images I've used, but the player's installer puts them all in a directory on the target system. How can I change this behavior?

Creator decides how to install files based on the size of your show. Due to speed problems when loading large resource files (players startup slow), "large" shows have images / sounds installed to a directory, while "small" shows use "res" files which users won't have access to. The size limit for resource files was previously 1 meg, but this was increased to 2 meg in the current version. Registered users may download a new copy using the link, username and password we sent when you ordered the program.