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[Active saver set to NONE]   [Distribution]   [Lockup on preview]   [GDI drain]   [File Not Found]  

If none of these answer your question, please Contact Tech Support.

When PowerShow is set as the active screensaver under Windows 95/98, after PowerShow has come on once, it appears to automatically reset the screensaver selection (in Display Properties) to None!   Why is this happening?

We're still not sure exactly why, but several users reported this problem so we removed the code PowerShow used to tell Windows the screensaver is running, and this seems to have solved the problem.   This code was only used because PowerShow is often launched as an "exe" rather than a screensaver and we didn't want the default screensaver kicking in while you previewed your shows.   For 99% of users, the removal of this code will not cause any inconvenience.

How do I create my own distributable screensavers to send to people with PowerShow Pro?

PowerShow Creator allows you to do exactly that.   Push a button, and Creator will build a playback only version of your slideshow, complete with a personalized installer for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT.

I just bought a new PII 400 with Win98. When I try to run my show (or hit preview), the program locks up for a minute or so. What's wrong?

During playback, PowerShow runs a test to determine how many times it can copy the screen in one second.   The test should take exactly ONE second, but this bug caused a LONG delay on some high-end machines (specifically, PC's capable of copying the screen 1000+ times a second). This has been fixed in the current version.

I'm getting messages like "error allocationg memory" and my GDI memory is being drained until eventually I must reboot the machine. What's going on?

A previous update contained a defective file which caused a memory leak.   This is fixed, but you MUST download the current version ( shareware : registered), UNINSTAL and RE-INSTALL to fix the problem.   The file "GVBOX.VBX" needs to be replaced with a PREVIOUS version.   If you still have problems after installing, you should reboot and manually DELETE this file from your windows/system directory before installing the program.

I just installed a new version of PowerShow.   Suddenly, all I get are "file not found" messages.   The message says "run setup to restore the missing file, but I can't get there, I have to CTL+ALT+DEL just to stop the stupid messages!

This was a bug in both PowerShow and the installer.  which happened when installing over an existing copy.  This is has been fixed as of 09/05/97.  You can get the current shareware version here.  If you need a new registered copy, please EMAIL us.